BMD Mechanical and Process Engineers - Safety/Environmental


At BMD, Safety is our core value. We believe it is more than a top priority, it is an ethic that guides everything we do and is never compromised. We strive to provide a safe working environment for all our employees, subcontractors, customers and anyone involved by our activities.

A ‘Zero Incident Mindset’ is the foundation of our company culture. Together we THINK, COMMUNICATE and WORK SAFELY - every minute, hour and every day. This is achieved through a relentless focus on continually improving safety behaviours and work practices and the ongoing promotion of safety to all our employees, clients, suppliers and the wider industry.

Zero tolerance is the policy by which we operate and by which we measure our performance. Safety is inter-woven with our day-to-day activities and is inseparable from them.

Our robust Safety Management System, which is accredited to OHSAS 45001 Standard has at its core, hazard identification and risk assessment/elimination via the Task Risk Assessment Process.